Our Philosophy

Our Vision

To establish an environment where children love to learn through collaboration, self-discovery, imagination, and creativity while interacting with others in a friendly and safe atmosphere.

Our School Facility

Our environmentally conscious and natural wooded surroundings integrate the green philosophy that we implement on a daily basis. Our classrooms are designed to:

  • Create a warm and welcoming learning atmosphere filled with home-like furnishings chosen for comfort and durability
  • Integrate arts, sciences, math, literacy, and imaginative play
  • Teach the 3 R’s of our environment – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Our Teaching Style

Creative Inspiration Journey School is an early childhood educational program inspired by Reggio Emilia. The curriculum is based on inter-disciplinary learning. It is well-balanced and designed to foster each child’s growth in social, physical, cognitive, and emotional development.

  • It allows room for teacher and child directed activities that utilize critical thinking skills, communication and collaboration.
  • Our children are competent, resourceful, inventive learners, capable of co-constructing knowledge while fostering their natural talents.
  • We embrace a collaborative partnership inclusive of the community, parents, teachers and students.