Fun, Exciting & Engaging

Creative Inspiration Journey School (CIJS) classrooms are warm, caring and stimulating environments that support your child’s development from infant through schoolager. In our classrooms children will love to learn through self-discovery, imagination, and creativity while interacting with others in a friendly and safe atmosphere. Children will experience the Reggio Emilia approach as:

  • Teachers, parents and children collaborate and evolve together in the process of learning
  • Teachers deliver curriculum through the Scientific Method
  • Children experience learning through interdisciplinary and project-based lessons
  • Teachers observe and document their daily life at the school

Ages 6 weeks to 12 months

3 years old

Ages 6 to 12 years old

Art Classroom



All ages

Ages 12 to 24 months

Pre-K Classroom

Scuole dell’infanzia

4 years old

All ages

Music Classroom

Atelier della Musica

All ages

2 years old

5 years old

Science Classroom

Laboratorio della Scienza

All ages

Outdoor Classroom

Atelier of Nature

All ages