Want to Enroll your Child? Please Follow These 5 Simple Steps:

  1. Schedule a tour!   (<- Click)
  2. Obtain a user name and password for the parent forms link during the tour.
  3. Download the Parent Handbook and Enrollment Forms.
  4. Complete all forms in the packet using the checklist as a guideline.
  5. Bring in all completed forms along with the deposit to the school.

If you have any questions about the enrollment process, or how best to fill out the forms, please contact School Director Patty Marquis at (407) 327-4000.

To view any forms, documents, handbooks, policies or brochures you must login with your CIJS User Name and Password.

Enrollment Packet and Parent Handbook

CIJS Enrollment Packet (includes all documents to enroll)

CIJS Enrollment Packet for VPK program (includes all documents to enroll)

Parent Handbook

Individual Documents and Forms

CIJS Enrollment Checklist

Child Care Agreement

Child Care Agreement for VPK program

F-01 Emergency Contact and Medical Information Form

F-02 Pick-Up Permission Form

F-03 All About Me Form

F-04 Photo Release Form

F-05 Before and After School Transportation Permission Form

F-08 Daily Walking Field Trip Permission Form

F-09 Walking Field Trip Permission Form

F-10 Animal Interaction Permission Form

F-11 Food Permission Form

F-16 Authorization for Daily Non Prescription Medicine Form


P-01 Discipline Policy

P-02 Behavior Intervention Policy

P-03 Biting Policy

P-04 Field Trip Policy

P-05 First Aid and Medication Policy

P-06 Transportation Policy

P-07 Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Policy


DCF Influenza Brochure

DCF Know Your CC Facility