Our Day

A look at our day from a child’s view


Dear Diary,

Today was the first day at my new school.  It was totally awesome!  As soon as my Mommy dropped me off in the classroom, my teacher shouted, “Welcome to the Rocky Reservoir!”  The very first thought that sprung into my mind was, “What in the world is a reservoir??”   Me being my curious and determined self, I had to ask.  It turns out that the rest of the class was wondering the same thing.  You’ll never guess what we all decided to do next!  We made our own reservoir!  As a team, we made little fishies out of paper mache to put in the clear, sparkly water.  My fish was the cutest.  It was blue with a white nose and lots of beautiful black stripes along both sides of its body.  After we were done with that, our teacher asked us what else we thought went in a reservoir.  My new friend, Destiny, shouted excitedly, “Rocks and stones!”  “And sand,” Bradley added in.  So we all went to the playground and tried to find all the rocks and sand we could.  After a while, itwas time for us all to go to lunch.  I didn’t want to leave. I wanted to keep making our reservoir, but my teacher promised we could continue when we came back to the classroom.

Once I got to lunch, my friends and I couldn’t stop thinking about reservoirs.  We scarfed down our food as fast as we could! Everyone finished pretty quickly so we could take a nap and wake up as soon as possible to continue our day.  Trust me, I tried to fall asleep.  I promise.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about what we learned in class today.  “What types of animals live in reservoirs?”  I thought to myself.  “What kinds of plants create the fascinating landscape surrounding this body of water?”  As soon as I found myself dozing off into a sleep, it was time to wake up again.  “Come on everyone,” my teacher whispered.  “It’s time to go to the playground.”

our_day_playgroundI ran outside, and the new playhouse immediately caught my attention!  My teacher told us that it was made out of trees.  It reminded me of something that came straight out of a storybook!  Once I walked into the new playhouse, I could sense nature all around me.  The smells.  The feelings.  The looks.  With my friends, we decided to pretend that the playhouse was a massive boat in the middle of a rocky and dangerous reservoir.  We were trying to stop evil pirates from boarding the ship and taking over our priceless land.  It all just felt so real.  Sadly, it was time to go back inside.

On our way back in, I saw a beautiful area full of plants and flowers, with bright colored butterflies flitting from branch to branch.  On the other side was a room full of more butterflies. My teacher said I could go in side, and one landed on my hand, then my nose! “Are there butterflies around reservoirs?” I asked.  My teacher told me that it depends on the type of plants that are growing on the banks, and showed me some of the ones that butterflies really love. Since I am always full of questions, I asked “What are their names”. This opened up a whole new world, because guess what?  My teacher said we could research more plants and help design the rest of the butterfly area starting tomorrow.  I was so excited that I almost forgot it was time to go in.  The next day couldn’t get here soon enough.

After that, we went into the neatest room.  We were told this was a studio that was called an atelier.  This teacher was super nice too.  We told her all about the reservoir that we are making and what we learned today.  She thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to paint our own reservoir!  Mine was pretty good, but I think my friend, Chelsea’s, painting was the best.  The water was crystal clear. She had a bright, golden

sun on the corner of the page, lighting up the entire paper.  The plants were so pretty!  There was a bed of bright yellow and violet flowers on the bank of her reservoir.   The whole experience was a blast!

After we used our imaginations in the atelier, it was time to take a trip to our school’s library.  It wasn’t like any other normal library where we weren’t allowed to talk and we had to look at a book or listen to a story at all times.  Some of us played in the indoor rock garden!  It made me think I was playing on a nice, sunny beach with shells everywhere.  My new friend, Hannah, decided that she wanted to play up in the loft.  I walked up to see what she was doing. You’ll never guess what kind of book she had! It had a picture of a beautiful reservoir right on the cover.  She told me that she wanted to write a story about a reservoir, so she went and tried to find some more pictures of one.  I asked my teacher to read me that book.  The book began talking about all the neat different types of plants and animals that lived in its environment.  I kept saying, “Keep reading! Keep reading!”

After a while, my mom showed up to the door and said that we had to go home, but we could learn again tomorrow.  Although I was disappointed that we had to leave, I was beyond excited to tell her about my day.  And I was excited to tell you about my day too, Diary.  I can promise you one thing.  I will never have to ask what a rocky reservoir is ever again because I will never forget.  I can’t wait to see what Journey I will go on tomorrow.