Study of Lovebugs


The Big Idea: What are Love Bugs?

Description: Excitement fills the air as students catch “Love Bugs” daily for observation. Questions abound as they watch these amazing bugs fly around connected.

  • How do they fly the way they do?
  • Are they considered insects?
  • What season do you see them?
  • What do they eat?
  • Where do they make their homes?

So much to discover, so much time.  Let’s find out!  Soon  we will know all of the answers and much more.

Quotes as we began our investigation starting with their bodies:

Sierra: “I’m making 2 love bugs together, cause that’s how I like to see them.”
Nate: “Me too. Now I need to do legs. They need 6 because they’re insects and insects have 6 legs.”
Sierra: “Well I need to make 12 legs cause I have 2 bugs together. It’s double.”